Qatar Airways Multi City Flights

Navigating Multi-City Flight Bookings with Qatar Airways

Are you planning an epic round-the-world journey or just need to visit a few cities on one international trip? Qatar Airways makes booking multi-city itineraries easy. With its extensive global route network and range of fare options, Qatar is a top choice for complex multi-stop travel.

Qatar Airways operates one of the youngest fleets of aircraft in the world, with outstanding service, amenities, and an award-winning Qsuite Business Class. Their Privilege Club loyalty program provides opportunities to earn elite status and redeem miles for free flights. Booking through Qatar lets you experience the best in air travel across continents.

What is a Multi-City Flight?

A multi-city flight, also known as an open-jaw or multi-stop itinerary, is any journey involving three or more cities. Some examples include a round-trip with a stopover, an open-jaw trip arriving in one city and departing from another, or a circle trip visiting several destinations before returning home.

Booking a multi-city flight gives you ultimate flexibility. Rather than backtracking to your original departure point, you can continue on to the next city seamlessly. It’s more economical than purchasing separate one-way flights between each stop. Multi-city routings open up creative ways to build your ideal itinerary.

Qatar Airways Multi-City Flights

Booking Multi-City Flights Online

Qatar Airways’ website makes building multi-city flights intuitive. You can search and book complex routes all in one transaction. Here are the steps:

  1. Visit the Qatar Airways website and select the “Multi-City” option under the main booking form.
  2. Enter your departure and arrival cities for each flight segment in your journey. Click “Add Another Flight” to include more than two stops.
  3. Specify your travel dates for each segment using the drop-down calendar.
  4. Select your number of passengers and cabin preference: Economy or Business.
  5. After entering all segments, click the search button to view available multi-city options.
  6. Sort results by price, duration, number of stops, or other factors. Use the date ranges and filters to narrow options.
  7. Once you’ve selected your preferred flights, complete passenger and payment details per usual online booking.

It’s easy to view, compare, and book intricate routings across Qatar’s global network from start to finish. Manage future changes or cancellations online as well.

Booking Multi-City Flights By Phone

While online booking is very straightforward, some travelers prefer to work directly with an agent to plan multi-city travel. This can be helpful if your routing is especially complex with many stops.

  • To book over the phone, simply call the Qatar Airways Reservations line at your local contact number +1 (877) 777-2827 or +1-888-370-4802.
  • Have your desired cities and flexible date ranges ready to share with the agent.
  • Based on your travel needs, they will explore routing options and provide recommendations.
  • The reservations agent will price out the total airfare across segments to provide the full multi-city fare. Discuss any fare rules around changes or stopovers. Once you agree to an itinerary, the agent will finalize the booking and issue your reservation code for ticketing.
  • One advantage of booking by phone is you can get personalized advice and assistance from an experienced agent. Be sure to have your Qatar Privilege Club number added to receive miles credit for all segments.

Award Bookings and Privilege Club

Multi-city planning becomes even more flexible when redeeming award miles. Privilege Club members can book complex routing with miles, including open jaws and stopovers.

Contact Qatar Airways Privilege Club to assist with award travel bookings involving multiple segments. Share your ideal cities, dates, and number of passengers. They will find availability and calculate the total mileage required across all segments.

Qatar Airways Phone agents (+1 (877) 777-2827 or +1-888-370-4802) can piece out various award routings across Qatar’s network, even if they aren’t always visible online. They can advise on any additional fees like surcharges, taxes, or stopover costs to factor into your planning. Award bookings provide tremendous value and opportunity for creative multi-city travel.

What is a Multi-city Flight on Qatar Airways?

A multi-city flight, also known as an open-jaw or multi-stop itinerary, is any journey involving three or more cities. It allows you to fly into one city and out of a different one, with stops in between, rather than backtracking to your original departure point. Qatar Airways makes it easy to book these complex routings.

How Do I Book a Multi-city Flight on the Qatar Airways Mobile App?

Unfortunately, the Qatar Airways mobile app currently does not support booking multi-city or multi-stop itineraries. The app is designed for simple round-trip and one-way flights only.
To book a complex routing with multiple destinations, you will need to use the Qatar Airways website on a desktop or mobile browser and select the “Multi-City” option or you can get the details by calling +1 (877) 777-2827 or +1-888-370-4802. The website allows you to enter as many flight segments as needed to build your ideal customized itinerary across multiple cities.

Why is the multi-city search option not working on the Qatar Airways website?

If you are encountering issues searching for or booking a multi-city flight on Qatar’s website, there could be a few potential reasons:

  • Browser Compatibility – Ensure you are using an updated web browser that is compatible with the Qatar site’s technology.
  • Clearing Cache/Cookies – Try clearing your browser’s cached data and cookies for the Qatar website, then retry the multi-city search.
  • Route Restrictions – Qatar may not offer multi-city fares between the specific cities/routes you are searching for. Review their route map.
  • Sold-out Availability – Award and low-fare inventory could be sold out for the dates you requested. Try adjusting dates.

If you continue having problems, your best option is to call Qatar Airways directly and have an agent assist in booking your complex multi-city routing over the phone.

Tips for Successful Multi-City Bookings

To ensure a smooth experience booking your Qatar Airways multi-city journey:

  • Start searching as early as possible while the award inventory is open
  • Be flexible with travel dates where possible to find the best availability
  • Have cities and date ranges identified but options for alternates
  • Review fare rules thoroughly for any routing restrictions
  • Consider upgrading to Business Class for maximum flexibility
  • Utilize Qatar’s telephone agents for assistance with complex itineraries
  • Add any planned stopovers to the original booking reservation
  • Ensure your Privilege Club number is included to earn miles
  • Provide mobile contact details to Qatar in case of schedule changes
  • Purchase travel insurance to cover any unforeseen trip issues

Multi-city flights let you customize journeys to create your ideal around-the-world vacation or business travel schedule. Qatar Airways offers excellent amenities, convenience, and value for complex trip planning. With some preparation and flexibility, you can book amazing multi-city adventures easily.

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