Frontier Pet Policy

Frontier Airlines Pet Policy: Everything you need to know before flying with your pet on Frontier

Do you want to make a travel plan with your pet via Frontier Airlines? If yes! You must have to understand Frontier Airlines pet policy. Well, like other leading airlines, Frontier allows its passengers to travel with their pets, but there are some exceptions. You need to familiarize yourself with the airline’s pet policy before planning a trip with your furry friend. Moreover, you can also make a call at Frontier Airlines phone number +1-855-981-4544 or +1-888-370-4802.

Frontier Pet Policy

Take a read to the bottom section of this blog to understand everything you need to know under the Frontier pet policy before flying with your pet on Frontier.

What is Frontier Airlines Pet Policy?

Frontier Airlines understands that pets are like family. Therefore, they allow the passengers to bring their pet dogs, cats, hamsters, and more with them in the cabin. So, when planning an air trip with your pet, there are several things that you know first.

  • Pets are not allowed to be checked as baggage in Frontier Airlines.
  • Your domestic dog and cat must be at least 8 weeks of age.
  • Passengers are not allowed to travel with all kinds of pets. Simply put, you will not be allowed to travel with parrots, macaws, cockatoos, mice, rats, reptiles, and more.
  • As per the flying with pets policy of Frontier Airline, pet dogs, cats, and other acceptable animals are allowed in the cabin on all domestic flights. And, on international flights, they are only allowed to/from Mexico and the Dominican Republic in a cabin.
  • Oxygen will not be given to any pet in case of emergency.
  • According to Frontier’s dog policy or cat policy, only pet dogs and cats can be accommodated to or from international flights.

Frontier Airlines Pet’s Carrier Size and Guidelines:

If you are wondering, “What size pet carrier is allowed in Frontier Airlines?” Then, let me tell you that Frontier pet carrier size should not be greater than 18″ in length x 14″ in width x 8″ in height. Moreover, it’s advisable to bring a soft-sided carrier in which your pet must stay comfortably throughout the journey.

How to Add Pets at the time of initial booking?

If you need to add your pet with you on your Frontier flight, the best and most efficient way is to contact Frontier Airlines customer service. You can reach the Frontier customer service number by making a call to the US number: +1-855-981-4544 or +1-888-370-4802. Moreover, you can also navigate through the official website to do so.

Here’s how to add a pet at the time of initial booking.

Online Booking Steps:

  • First, visit the official website.
  • Enter your traveling details, including your departure airport, destination airport, and dates, in the given or required text fields.
  • Add the number of passengers.
  • Now, you can add a promo code for an extra discount if you have any.
  • Click on the “Search” tab.
  • Select your flight and class, and then click on “Continue.”
  • Add the passenger’s information in the required text fields.
  • Hit on “Special service” and select “Request Trained Service Animal.”
  • Download the form and then submit it after filling in the required details.
  • Add the passenger contact information and then click on “Continue.”
  • Choose your bundle and then select a seat from the available options.
  • Add baggage information and click on “Continue.”
  • Select the type of agent assistance you want and click on “Continue.”
  • Lastly, follow the on-screen prompts and make the payment to finish the entire process.

Offline Booking Steps:

  • First, dial the Frontier toll-free number at +1-855-981-4544 or +1-888-370-4802 to contact a live representative at the customer service department.
  • Select the language offered by the IVR that you prefer.
  • Follow the further IVR instructions to direct your call to the Frontier customer service department.
  • Once connected, request the Allegiant Agent to add a pet to your booking reservation.
  • Lastly, provide them with all the required and essential details along with the total fare, including Frontier pet fee. So, they will make a reservation for you with your pet.

How to Add Pets after booking a flight with Frontier?

If you have already made a flight reservation with Frontier and now would like to travel with your furry friend but need to learn how to add pets after booking. Then, follow the steps mentioned below to do so.


  • First, visit the official website.
  • Click on the “My Trip/Check-in” tab.
  • Enter your last name and confirmation code in the given text fields, then click on “Search”.
  • Click on the “Add special service” link.


  • First, dial the Frontier toll-free number at +1-855-981-4544 or +1-888-370-4802 to contact a live representative at the customer service department.
  • Follow the further IVR instructions to direct your call to the Frontier customer service department.
  • Tell the agent about your reservation details, along with the ticket confirmation number.
  • Provide the required details asked by the agent of your pet.
  • Lastly, pay the Frontier Airlines pet policy fee or applicable charges for your furry friend to finish the entire process.

Frontier Pet Fee & Charges:

Frontier charges passengers an additional fee of up to US$99 one-way to bring their pet in the cabin. Additionally, the passenger who is traveling with his/her pet must follow the Frontier Airlines flying with a pet policy to avoid any hassle or distress, as this fee is non-refundable, and your pet will be prohibited from boarding.

What Documents are required to Travel with pets on Frontier Airlines?

If you are traveling with your pet on Frontier. You must submit a Pet Health Certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian. This ensures the safety of all passengers onboard. Additionally, it also confirms that your pet can travel and that its vaccinations are up to date.

Here’s all you need before your Frontier Airlines pet travel:

  • Health Certificate
  • Vaccination Records
  • Pet Identification
  • Carrier Identification

Still, do you have any queries about Frontier Pet Policy? If yes, you must dial +1-855-981-4544 or +1-888-370-4802 to contact an expert who can assist you in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you bring pets on a plane?

Yes, you can definitely take your pet with you on the plane, but each airline has its own airline pet policy and guidelines that the passengers must follow. So that they can comfortably take their pet with them on the plane.

How strict is Frontier with pets?

There may be some restrictions that you must know about to avoid any hassle for traveling with your pet on Frontier. You must follow the guidelines mentioned in the flights for dogs, cats, and other animal policies to ensure the comfort of traveling with your pet. Your pet must be at least 8 weeks of age and should not be harmful.

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