About Us

Flying with constantly rising air fares will sound insane and will push the travelers further away from their travel schedule. Yes, aairtickets.com delivers the best flight on your chosen route. If you’re looking for a specific flight, simply enter your origin and destination dates, as well as the number of passengers, and hit the search button. You’ll quickly discover a number of airlines that fly to your desired location. There are many specialized alternatives for flexible, one- or two-stop flights.

  • We will be able to get you the best travel opportunities if you indicated your particular interests.
  • You will pick up your luggage and go to a meeting or a weekend abroad, and finally make your travel fun by reserving your tickets without breaking the bank.
  • At Aairtickets, we believe that continuity is far superior to unpredictability, and that big business thought and high-level business delivery are critical to our success.
  • Aairtickets offers a variety of flight options, Hotels and Car rentals.

Who We Are ?

Undoubtedly, spending on traveling is the only thing that makes you richer, as you earn beautiful experiences, memories and lots of happiness. But, planning a holiday is not a cakewalk; it needs lots of arrangements, starting from mapping the budget, booking flights, to planning the entire trip.

Aairtickets is a USA based Online Travel Agency, which deals in airline ticketing, special flight offers, discounted fares and a lot more. We have teamed up with some of the world’s celebrated airline companies, to deliver blissful experiences throughout. We strive to offer the fastest and the most trusted user experiences to our valued customer’s right from the time of booking flights, hotels to fastest payments, settlement and refund processes.

What We Do?

With the vision to assist the travelers across the world in picking the best travel deal and exciting discounts on flight bookings, Aairtickets is ready at the drop of the hat to assist you with all your travel needs. We have earned the title of leading player of air and hotel travel booking vertical due to our excellence and outstanding services in the past.

Why Choose Us?

  • Comprehensive search engine
  • Flexible and hassle-free bookings
  • Unparalleled customer service
  • Affordable airfares
  • Experienced travel experts
  • Special Deals and Offers

Why Book With Us?


We offer easy and convenient flight bookings with attractive offers.


We ensure low rates on flight tickets, holiday packages, Travel insurance and on all inclusive packages


Enjoy exciting deals on flights, hotels, Tour packages, Travel insurance.


Get assistance 24/7 on any kind of travel related query. We are happy to assist you.