Qatar Airways Seat Selection

Picking the Perfect Seat on Qatar Airways

Choosing the right seat on a plane can greatly affect your overall travel experience. Whether you prefer a window view, aisle access, or simply desire extra legroom, having control over your seating arrangement makes a difference. Qatar Airways understands this importance and offers multiple ways to select your preferred seat, making your journey more pleasant. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about Qatar Airways seat selection.

Overview of Qatar Airways Seat Selection

Qatar Airways divides its seat selection process into two main categories: complementary and paid options. Complimentary seat selection includes standard advanced seat assignment at the time of booking or check-in. On the other hand, paid seat selection provides priority access to preferred seats for a nominal fee. Let’s dive deeper into these categories.

Economy Class Seat Tips

In economy, window seats in pairs are ideal for couples, families, and solo travelers. They provide privacy and easy access without climbing over seatmates. Bulkhead and exit rows offer extra legroom but may have restricted floor space. Avoid galley and lavatory areas which can be noisy/congested.

Qatar Airways Seat Selection

Business Class Selecting Tips

Lie-flat Qsuite seats with closing doors are rated best for privacy and comfort in business class. Center seats are ideal for couples, and window pairs suit families/colleagues. Seats in the first and mid-cabins provide faster service, while rear seats are quieter.

First Class Suite SelectionTips

The enclosed First Class suites with 180-degree recline are configured in two cabins. Odd-numbered center suites have more privacy than even ones facing aisles. Window suites are also desirable, avoiding those near galleys.

How to Select Your Seat on Qatar Airways?

There are four methods to select your seat on Qatar Airways: online booking, mobile app, check-in, and customer service center. Below is a step-by-step guide for each option:

  • Online Booking: During the booking process, you can choose your seat on the seat map displayed during the reservation flow. Simply click on the desired seat, and it will be reserved. Note that seat selection fees, if applicable, will be charged immediately.
  • Mobile App: Install the Qatar Airways mobile app on iOS or Android devices. Sign in to your account and follow these steps:
    1. Search and select your upcoming flight(s).
    2. Press the “Change Seats” button.
    3. Pick your preferred seat on the interactive seat map and confirm your choice.
    4. Pay any applicable seat selection fees.
  • Check-In: Beginning 48 hours before your flight’s departure, visit the Qatar Airways online check-in page to choose your seat without any additional charges. Alternatively, use the self-service kiosks at the airport to print your boarding pass and select your seat.
  • Customer Service Center: Call the Qatar Airways Global Call Centre at +1-888-370-4802 or +1 (877) 777-2827 to speak with a representative. They can help you select your seat and answer any questions you may have about your flight. Please note that phone-based seat selection may incur additional fees.

Seat Selection Fees For Preferred Seats

Qatar Airways offers priority access to preferred seats for a small fee. Preferred seats fall into three categories: Extra Legroom Seats, Front Row Seats, and Exit Row Seats. Prices vary depending on the route, aircraft, and distance traveled. Advantages of paying for preferred seats include:

  • Extra Legroom Seats: Found near emergency exits, bulkheads, and behind dividing walls, these seats offer increased legroom and more personal space.
  • Front Row Seats: Positioned in front of the cabin, these seats come with additional legroom and quicker boarding and deplaning times.
  • Exit Row Seats: Usually located near emergency exits, these seats boast increased legroom and wider seats due to reduced recline limitations

Economy fares allow free seat selection upon online check-in opening 24 hours before departure. To guarantee seats earlier:

  • Standard Fares: $30 fee per passenger
  • Discounted Fares: $40 fee per passenger

Complimentary Seat Selection

All passengers can choose their seats free of charge during online check-in, starting 48 hours before the flight’s departure. Here’s a breakdown of who gets complimentary seat selection and when:

  • Privilege Club Members: Silver, Gold, and Platinum members can pick their favorite seats free of charge at the time of booking, regardless of their fare class. Bronze members have access to complimentary seat selection 48 hours before departure.
  • Award Tickets: Passengers redeeming frequent flier miles for award tickets can also choose their seats for free during booking or check-in.
  • Group Bookings: Groups consisting of nine or more passengers can make complimentary seat assignments once the group booking becomes manageable, i.e., when names and individual bookings are confirmed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a preferred seat and a standard seat on Qatar Airways?

Preferred seats are premium selections that offer additional benefits such as extra legroom, front-row placement, or location near emergency exits. Standard seats are regular seating options available throughout the cabin.

Does Qatar Airways charge for seat selection?

Yes, Qatar Airways charges a fee for selecting preferred seats, including extra legroom seats, front-row seats, and exit-row seats. However, standard seat selection is typically free of charge during online check-in, beginning 48 hours before departure.

How can I select my seats on Qatar Airways?

You can select your seats during the booking process, via the Qatar Airways mobile app, during online check-in, or by calling the Qatar Airways Global Call Centre. Some seat selection options may incur additional fees.

Can I change my seat after selecting it on Qatar Airways?

Yes, you can change your seat on Qatar Airways by visiting the online check-in page, using the self-service kiosk at the airport, or contacting the airline’s customer service center. However, changes may incur additional fees, especially if switching to a preferred seat.

What are Qatar Airways’ economy classic seats?

Economy Classic is one of Qatar Airways’ fare classes within the economy cabin. It offers slightly more flexibility and benefits compared to the basic economy fare, although seat selection fees still apply.

What are Qatar Airways’ extra legroom seats?

Extra legroom seats on Qatar Airways are premium seating options found near emergency exits, bulkheads, and dividing walls. These seats offer increased legroom and personal space, making them popular among tall or larger passengers. Additional fees apply for selecting these seats.

Are there any complimentary seat selection options on Qatar Airways?

Standard seat selection is typically free during online check-in, beginning 48 hours before departure. Additionally, privilege club members (Silver, Gold, and Platinum) and award ticket holders can choose their seats for free at the time of booking. Group bookings consisting of nine or more passengers can also make complimentary seat assignments once the group booking becomes manageable.


Selecting your preferred seat on Qatar Airways is simple and convenient thanks to their straightforward process and user-friendly tools. Whether you choose a complimentary or paid seat, knowing the ins and outs of Qatar Airways seat selection guarantees a more pleasant journey. Just remember to consider all the important information discussed in this guide to ensure a hassle-free experience. Happy travels!

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