Royal Air Maroc Seat Selection

An Ultimate Guide to Seat Selection on Royal Air Maroc: Choosing the Perfect Spot for Your Journey

When it comes to planning a flight, selecting the right seat can make all the difference in ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable journey. If you’re flying with Royal Air Maroc, this comprehensive guide will help you navigate the seat selection process so that you can secure your preferred spot onboard.

Royal Air Maroc Seat Selection Process:

To reserve your desired seat on Royal Air Maroc, follow these steps:

  1. Book Your Flight: Start by booking your flight either through their official website, mobile app, or any authorized travel agency. Make sure to input your correct details, including your name, contact information, and destination.
  2. Access ‘My Trips’: Log in to the ‘My Trips’ section of the Royal Air Maroc website using your reservation code and last name. This area allows you to manage your bookings, view flight details, and modify your seat assignments.
  3. Choose Your Desired Seat: Click on ‘View / Modify Seats’ next to the appropriate flight segment. You’ll see a detailed seat map showing available seats in your chosen cabin class. Browse through the options and click on your preferred seat to reserve it. Note that some premium selections may require additional payment fees.
  4. Confirm and Pay (if Applicable): Review your new seat assignment and ensure it meets your requirements. If satisfied, confirm your selection and pay any applicable fees using a valid debit or credit card. Save a copy of your updated booking confirmation containing the revised seat assignment.
  5. Check-In Online: Finally, complete online check-in up to 48 hours before departure to ensure your chosen seat remains assigned throughout the boarding process. Alternatively, visit one of the airport kiosks or customer service counters to print your boarding pass upon arrival at the airport.

Royal Air Maroc Seat Selection Options

Royal Air Maroc offers several seat selection options across its different classes and aircraft types. These include:

Royal Air Maroc Seat Selection

Economy Class:

In economy class, there are usually multiple seating options available based on the aircraft model. Some common seat selection options include:

  • * Standard Seats: Regular economy seats with average legroom and recline.
  • * Emergency Exit Row Seats: Offering extra legroom, but note that passengers seated here must be able to assist crew members during emergencies.
  • * Bulkhead Seats: Located near partitions separating cabins or sections, they provide additional knee space but often lack storage compartments under the seat in front.

Business Class:

Business class offers fully flat beds arranged in a staggered configuration. Key advantages include:

  • Direct Aisle Access: Every passenger enjoys convenient access to the aisle without disturbing neighbors.
  • Fully Adjustable Flat Bed Seats: The ergonomic design converts quickly into a bed for ultimate relaxation during long-haul journeys.
  • Privacy Partition: Sliding privacy dividers create separate compartments, allowing solo travelers to work or rest undisturbed.
  • Generous Recline Angle: Even when not converted to a full bed, the generous recline angle makes sleeping more feasible than in most economy seats.

First Class:

First class consists of luxurious individual suites equipped with top-notch amenities:

  • Spacious Private Suites: With sliding doors and closed compartments, passengers experience unmatched privacy and exclusivity.
  • Full-Flat Bed Seats: Transform your chair into a cozy bed with adjustable firmness settings for customized comfort.
  • State-of-the-art entertainment Systems: High-resolution touchscreen monitors, noise-canceling headphones, and extensive content libraries deliver immersive viewing experiences.
  • Fine Dining Options: Savor gourmet meals prepared by renowned chefs accompanied by fine wines carefully curated by sommeliers.

Keep in mind that the exact seat selection options depend on the particular aircraft operating your route. Always refer to the seat maps provided during the booking process to determine what’s available on your specific flight. Additionally, some premium selections may incur additional costs, which should be factored into your overall travel budget.

Fees And Policies Surrounding Royal Air Maroc Seat Assignments

Throughout discussions thus far, mention of ancillary charges accompanying varying seat selection options repeatedly surfaced necessitating elaboration concerning pertinent financial implications affecting wallet balances considerably. Broadly speaking, four categories emerge warranting examination – Basic, Essentials, Plus, and Elite packages bundling distinctive combinations features influencing expense calculations accordingly.

  • Free Seat Assignment: Subject to availability constraints, complimentary seat allocations apply automatically upon ticketing completion sans additional levies imposed. Regrettably, flexibility dwindles rapidly prompting swift decision-making and critical snatching of coveted spots in earlier stages of the booking processes.
  • Advance Seat Selection: Securing preferred positions ahead of schedule entails minimal administrative burdens requiring nominal payments averaging $5-$20 USD depending on distance traveled. Though seemingly trivial amounts, repeated expenditures accumulate substantially impacting bottom lines adversely.
  • Special Requests: Designating specific rows or seats demands greater remuneration commiserate with the complexity involved in fulfilling bespoke conditions. Expect escalating bills proportional to uniqueness sought mercilessly extracted from hard-earned savings painfully.
  • Last Minute Changes: Procrastination carries heavy penalties particularly relevant latecomers modifying existing reservations impulsively moments before departures risk encountering prohibitive surcharges bordering extortionate territories dissuading indecisiveness categorically.

Additionally, loyalty program memberships confer tangible benefits reducing overall outlay drastically and rewarding frequent flyers handsomely. Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers respectively grant progressively lucrative incentives easing the strain of financial commitments notably improving user experiences remarkably. Henceforth, judicious utilization rewards clever consumers circumventing unnecessary expenditure prudently.


Armed with knowledge comprehensively addressing facets integral to Royal Air Maroc seat selection procedures, prospective travelers stand poised making informed decisions leading ultimately towards satisfactory outcomes aligning aspirations and objectives effectively. Astutely evaluating tradeoffs inherent disparate alternatives empowers savvy consumers negotiating labyrinthine regulations confidently emerging triumphant having secured idyllic locales conducive to leisurely pursuits joyously. So go forth boldly charting courses traversing skies majestically ensconced in clouds blissfully oblivious earthly concerns momentarily forgotten relishing precious moments suspended reality delightfully.

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