Lufthansa Seat Selection

Navigating Lufthansa Seat Selection Process and Policies

Elevating your flight experience, and selecting seats is pivotal, and Lufthansa extends passengers the opportunity to choose preferred seats during booking or later. Explore the Lufthansa seat selection process, understand policies, and address common queries. This ensures a tailored and informed travel experience, allowing passengers to personalize their journey for optimal comfort and convenience.

How to select seats on Lufthansa Flights?

Embarking on a journey with Lufthansa Airlines grants you the privilege to meticulously curate your inflight experience by selecting a preferred seat during the booking process or afterward. Delving into the mechanics of this process, let’s examine two scenarios: seat selection during booking and seat selection post-booking.

Seat Selection During Booking

  1. Initiate the booking process for your desired Lufthansa flight.
  2. While progressing through the stages, you’ll eventually arrive at the seat map presentation.
  3. Carefully scrutinize the visual representation to discern optimal seating arrangements aligning with your preferences.
  4. Upon identifying your ideal seat, claim it by incorporating it into your booking and settling the requisite payment.
  5. Should alterations arise, fear not, as modifications to seat selection remain possible following the booking’s conclusion.

Seat Selection Post-Booking

  1. Grasp your booking reference and last name, navigating to the esteemed ‘Manage Booking’ portal nestled within Lufthansa’s digital landscape.
  2. Securely input the previously gathered credentials, thereby unlocking the realm of possibilities concealed within.
  3. Amongst the treasure trove of options, seek ‘View or Change Booking’ and indulge in the subcategory labeled ‘Seat Reservation.’
  4. Explore the virtual panorama, deliberate, and ultimately settle on a fitting arrangement befitting your tastes.
  5. Lock in your decision by tapping ‘Confirm’, cementing your contentment as you eagerly await your upcoming adventure.
Lufthansa Seat Selection
Lufthansa Airlines Phone Number +1-888-370-4802 or +1 (800) 645-3880 can provide real-time assistance with seat selection, answer questions about seat availability, and help troubleshoot problems. Remember, if you need immediate assistance, consider reaching out during off-peak hours to minimize wait times.

Seat Selection Policy:

Free Seat Selection:

  • Basic fares do not include complimentary seat selection.
  • Economy Classic, Flex, Business Saver, and Business Flex fares offer free seat selection.

Extra Legroom Seats:

  • Available for additional fees in economy class.
  • Included for free in premium economy and business class.

Group Seating:

  • For parties consisting of nine or fewer individuals, seats can be reserved online.
  • For bigger groups, contact Lufthansa customer service.

Special Needs:

  • Advise Lufthansa of your requirements during booking or via customer service.
  • Wheelchair assistance, medical equipment, and child restraint devices fall under this category.

Lufthansa Seat selection charges

  • Lufthansa seat selection charges depend on the fare class and seat location. Typically, basic fares do not include complimentary seat selection, while higher fare classes like Economy Classic, Flex, Business Saver, and Business Flex offer free seat selection.
  • Extra legroom seats in economy class generally require additional fees. These charges vary based on the flight distance and route, with prices ranging from approximately €20 ($23) to €60 ($69) for a single flight segment.
  • Fees may also apply when changing or modifying seat selections after the initial booking. Refunds for seat selection fees are rare, but exceptions might occur if Lufthansa modifies your seat involuntarily due to operational reasons.
  • Lastly, it is essential to note that seat selection policies and charges may differ for codeshare flights operated by other airlines. Always review the operating airline’s seat selection policy before making a decision.

Lufthansa Seat Selection Tips 

To optimize your Lufthansa seat selection experience, consider the following tips:
  1. Learn fare class benefits, as some offer free seat selection.
  2. Target extra legroom seats, though they may involve additional fees.
  3. Position yourself near galleys for quicker meal access and minimize disturbances.
  4. Stay away from lavatories to prevent excessive noise and traffic.
  5. Evaluate wing seats for limited turbulence but obstructed views during takeoff and landing.
  6. Utilize bulkheads and exit rows for maximum legroom and space.
  7. Coordinate group seating and act fast to secure ideal spots.
  8. Disclose special needs early to facilitate proper accommodations.
  9. Leverage loyalty programs like Miles & More or Star Alliance for exclusive seating options.
  10. Remain adaptable to potential changes and maintain flexibility throughout the process. Implementing these tactics contributes to a more enjoyable and comfortable flight.


Navigating Lufthansa’s seat selection process involves understanding the nuances of the policy and familiarizing yourself with the available options. By knowing when and how to select your seat, along with addressing frequent questions, you can enhance your overall flight experience. Happy travels!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are seat selection fees refundable?

Seat selection fees are non-refundable in most cases. An exception is made when Lufthansa modifies your seat due to operational reasons.

Can I change my seat after selecting it?

Yes, you can modify your seat selection for free if the initial seat is still vacant. If your desired seat is taken, you may need to pay a fee.

When can I select my seat for free?

Seats in economy class can be reserved for free starting 23 hours before departure.

How much does an extra legroom seat cost?

Prices depend on the route and duration. Expect to pay around €20 ($23) to €60 ($69) for a single flight segment.

What happens if Lufthansa changes my seat involuntarily?

If Lufthansa modifies your seat against your will, you could be entitled to compensation or a refund of the seat selection fee.

Can I select my seat on codeshare flights operated by other airlines?

Seat selection policies may vary for codeshare flights. Verify the operating airline’s seat selection policy.

Is it mandatory to select a seat?

Seat selection is optional for most fares. However, it is strongly recommended, especially for families and groups traveling together.

How far in advance can I select my seat?

Seats can be reserved as soon as the booking is completed.

Can I choose my exit row seat for free?

No, exit row seats are considered extra legroom seats and entail additional fees.

Can I select a seat for an infant during booking?

Seats cannot be reserved for infants younger than two years during booking. Parents should select adjacent seats for adults accompanying infants.

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