United Airlines Boarding Pass

How to Print a United Airlines Boarding Pass?

Before embarking on your journey with United Airlines, securing a valid boarding pass ranks among the top priorities. Nowadays, printing your United boarding pass has become relatively straightforward, thanks to technological advancements and various channels available. This article guides you through step-by-step instructions on printing your United boarding pass using various methods, ensuring a seamless airport experience.

United airlines boarding pass

Online Check-in and Web Portal

  1. Visit United’s Official Website: Open your preferred web browser and navigate to the United Airlines homepage (www.united.com). Click on the “Check-in” button, usually found near the top of the page.
  2. Input Required Information: Enter your confirmation number, credit card number, or frequent flyer number accompanied by the corresponding surname. Click ‘Continue.’
  3. Select Your Seats: Choose your preferred seat(s) for your upcoming flight, then click ‘Next.’
  4. Add Extra Services (Optional): If required, add checked bags, upgrade requests, or special meal options before proceeding.
  5. Validate Personal Details: Thoroughly verify your name, date of birth, and contact information displayed on screen. Report any discrepancies immediately to avoid complications during security screening or boarding procedures.
  6. Obtain Boarding Pass: At the bottom of the final confirmation page, locate the ‘Print Boarding Pass’ option. A PDF document containing your boarding pass(es) will appear. Save it to your device or send it to a connected printer.

Mobile Application

  1. Install United App: Search for the United app in Apple’s App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) and install it on your mobile device.
  2. Launch United App: Locate the installed United app icon on your smartphone or tablet and tap to open it.
  3. Sign In / Account Linking: Log into your MileagePlus® account or input your reservation details to associate your active booking(s) with the app.
  4. Access Check-in Functionality: Navigate to the ‘My Trips’ or equivalent menu item, then select your upcoming flight.
  5. Complete Check-in Process: Finish any pending tasks, such as adding checked bags, requesting special accommodations, or completing customs declarations if flying internationally.
  6. Generate Boarding Pass: Once satisfied with your preparations, swipe left on the flight summary screen to reveal the ‘Add to Wallet’ feature. Press this option, followed by ‘Add,’ and grant permission for the app to save your boarding pass locally. On Android devices, simply hit ‘Download Boarding Pass’ to obtain a PDF version.

Self-Service Kiosks

  1. Locate Kiosks: Find designated United self-service kiosks within the airport lobby area.
  2. Initiate Check-in: Touch the kiosk screen and begin the check-in process. Insert your passport, driver’s license, or other accepted ID type to authenticate identity.
  3. Retrieve Booking: If already linked to your MileagePlus® account, your reservation should auto-populate. Otherwise, enter your confirmation code, reference number, or credit card information along with the matching surname.
  4. Finalize Requirements: Answer health questionnaires, consent to COVID-19 testing, or satisfy any other mandated prerequisites.
  5. Collect Boarding Pass: After successfully concluding all steps, select the ‘Print Boarding Pass’ option and wait for the printer to generate your documentation.

Airport Counter

  1. Approach Check-in Agent: Queue up at a staffed United Airlines ticketing counter and await your turn.
  2. Present Valid ID: Show your passport, driver’s license, or approved government-issued photo ID to the attending agent.
  3. Request Paper Boarding Pass: Politely ask the representative to issue a physical boarding pass for your upcoming flight.

United Airlines Boarding Pass FAQ’s

Q: Where can I print my United boarding pass?

A: You can print your United boarding pass**:

  • Online: After checking in using the United website, you can also print your boarding pass directly from the confirmation page or by accessing your reservation through the “My trips” section.
  • *Mobile app: Download the United app and sign in to view your reservation. Then, follow the prompts to check in and generate a mobile or printed boarding pass.
  • Airport kiosks: Look for United self-service kiosks in the airport lobby area and follow the prompts to check in and print your boarding pass.
  • Airport counter: Approach a staffed United Airlines ticketing counter and request a printed boarding pass from an agent.

How far in advance can I print my United boarding pass?

You can print your United boarding pass after checking in, starting 24 hours before your flight’s departure time. For more information, call United Airlines Phone Number at +1 (800) 864-8331 or +1-888-370-4802.

Why can’t I print my United boarding pass?

There may be several reasons why you cannot print your United boarding pass, such as:

  1. An error occurred during the check-in process.
  2. Your reservation contains an unresolved issue, such as a mismatch between the name on the reservation and the identification presented.
  3. Otherwise, Your flight has been cancelled or changed substantially.

Try troubleshooting the problem by double-checking your reservation details, restarting your device, or calling United’s customer service center at +1 (800) 864-8331 or +1-888-370-4802 for assistance.

Does United charge a fee for printing boarding passes at the airport?

No, United does not currently charge a fee for printing boarding passes at airport kiosks or counters.

What do I need to bring to print my United boarding pass at the airport?

Bring a valid government-issued photo ID, such as a passport, driver’s license, or military ID, and your confirmation code or six-character record locator.

What if I lose my printed United boarding pass?

If you lose your printed United boarding pass, return to a United kiosk or counter at the airport to reprint it using your confirmation code or record locator.

Can I print my United boarding pass at home if I’m traveling internationally?

Yes, you can print your United boarding pass at home even if you’re traveling internationally, as long as you meet visa and entry requirements for your destination country.

Can I show my United boarding pass on my mobile device instead of printing it?

Yes, you can use a mobile boarding pass on supported devices and participating airports. Simply follow the instructions provided during the check-in process to generate a mobile boarding pass.

Regardless of the method employed, familiarize yourself with your boarding pass contents, ensuring compliance with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations and immigration rules governing your travel itinerary. Safeguard your documents throughout your journey, and report any suspected theft or loss immediately to airport authorities or United personnel. Lastly, consult United Airlines’ official guidance for additional advice on printing boarding passes and enjoying a pleasant airport experience.

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