JetBlue Airlines Blue Extra

Are you a wanderlust? Are you planning your next trip? Do you want a flight with the most comfortable seats and extra legroom space? If you don’t want to compromise your comfort and want to travel with the most spacious flight to avoid jet lag and aches, then you should book your flight with JetBlue Blue Extra.

Recently, the airline has launched two new JetBlue blue fares – Blue Basic and Blue Extra. Passengers can choose their seats per their budget and enjoy their journey conveniently.

JetBlue Blue Extra

You must be thinking, what is jet blue extra, and what is the difference between JetBlue blue and blue extra? If you are seeking the answers to these questions, check the details mentioned and enjoy your travel with JetBlue.

What is JetBlue’s Extra?

If you are wondering what does blue extra mean on JetBlue? Then let me explain it to you in detail. JetBlue airline has launched two types of fare: blue extra. Under blue extra ref, JetBlue passengers will get super spacious seats even at the economy fare.

In this blue extra ref, passengers can stretch their seats easily within 38° legroom. Passengers can make their journey with the best amenities and comfort.

What is the Difference Between JetBlue Blue and JetBlue Blue Extra?

Most of the time, while booking their JetBlue flight, passengers need clarification on Blue Basic and Blue Extra. They need to learn about JetBlue blue versus Blue Extra. That is why, to avoid this confusion, it is essential to know the difference between blue and blue extra.

Blue Basic

Basic passengers will get the lowest fare and regular seats in the blue. Blue basic fare is similar to basic economy fare. It does not cover checked bags or provide the eligibility to make any changes to your booking. Passengers can neither cancel their flight nor stand by. Also, if a passenger wants to select their seat before check-in, then they have to pay a seat selection fee.

Blue Extra

The jet blue extra is a unique feature launched by the JetBlue airline. This fare option is for those passengers who prefer speed, flexibility and comfort while flying. Passengers can enjoy their travel without any hindrance. Also, it is the most expensive fare of the Economy class.

What does JetBlue Extra Include?

When a passenger buys an expensive ticket, they want to know what it includes and what extra services they will get. If you plan to book Blue Extra and want to know, what does Blue Extra include jet blue?

As the word suggests, extra means you will get extra if you book your flight with JetBlue Blue Extra. Even though the Blue Extra is an economy class, it still has the most expensive fare type of the economy class. Blue Extra offers several things, such as

  • Blue extra flights have more speed.
  • It provides the flexibility to make changes to your booking.
  • This allows passengers to get early boarding.
  • For blue extra passengers, the airlines offer advance seating plans for free.

Guidelines for JetBlue Extra?

If you are booking your flight with Jet Blue Extra, you should know the guidelines of the Blue Extra.

  • Passengers will get eligibility for advance seat selection, same-day switches and same-day switches with Jet Blue extra booking.
  • Passengers having blue extra bookings will not be charged additional fees for changing and cancelling their flight.
  • Blue extra travellers will get at least 3 True blue points per $1.
  • Passengers with a blue extra booking can carry a single personal bag such as an umbrella, laptop or purse.
  • Passengers are not allowed to carry checked baggage except for flights to and from London.

How to Book a JetBlue blue extra flight?

The airline offers online and offline methods to book the JetBlue Blue extra flight. Passengers can book their flight using any of the ways and enjoy their trip.

Online Method

  • First, go to the official website of JetBlue.
  • Then select the book options and click flights
  • Then you have to enter destinations and departure airports.
  • Then choose the trip type and next the number of passengers travelling.
  • If you want to book your flight using miles, select Use TrueBlue points.
  • Select search flight.
  • You will get a list of available JetBlue flights.
  • Then go to the Explore Fares option and select JetBlue Blue extra.
  • Select the flight of your choice
  • Then, enter all the travel details and follow the prompts to complete your JetBlue reservation.
  • At last pay the fee and confirm your booking.

Offline Method

Passengers can use the alternative to book their flight.

  • Firstly, passengers have to dial the JetBlue helpline number.
  • Then, listen to the IVR instructions and follow the instructions.
  • Once your call gets connected, ask them to book your flight with JetBlue blue extra.
  • Please provide them with your travel information.
  • Then follow the procedure as the executives suggest, and you will get your booked ticket through email.

Does JetBlue Charge for Seats?

If passengers have booked their flight with Jet Blue Blue Extra, they will get a free seat selection on JetBlue. They can select their seats as per the Advance
Seating Plan for free.

Also, the seat pitch ranges from 32 to 34 inches depending on the aircraft, which provides a spacious seat to its passengers. So passengers can select seats at zero cost with the JetBlue extra ticket.

JetBlue Blue’s Extra Benefits

When you book your flight with JetBlue extra, you also get some benefits that basic fare does not provide. These perks will help you enjoy your trips with extra space and speed.

Cancellation/ Change fee

Passengers having JetBlue Blue Extra can cancel or change their flight without paying a single penny. But this is not allowed for the same-day switching of the flight.

Same day Standby

Passengers don’t have to pay an extra fee for the same-day standby. They can fly without worrying as the amount is already included in their ticket.


Passengers who booked their flight with JetBlue blue extra can get access to board early in the flight. They can board the flight before everyone so that they get enough time to settle down in their seats.

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