Spirit Airlines Voucher

How to Find and Redeem Your Spirit Airlines Voucher?

Spirit Airlines issues vouchers known as Spirit Credits to customers in certain situations, such as flight cancellations, change fees, or compensation provided. These credits can be used towards future bookings with Spirit for a limited period of time. This article will explain how to find existing Spirit vouchers in your account, understand voucher validity and fees, and redeem credits on new flight reservations.

Finding Your Spirit Airlines Voucher

Spirit Credits are tied to the customer account used for the original booking or provided as compensation. To view current vouchers:

  • Login to your Spirit account online or via the Spirit mobile app.
  • Then, Under the My Trips section, select “My Account”.
  • After that, Click on “My Reservations” to view booking details.
  • Any applicable Flight Credit will be listed here with an associated confirmation code or call +1-833-408-8890 for more details.
  • Note the credit amount and expiration date.

You can also call Spirit’s customer service line and provide your account details, name, and confirmation code from the original booking. Agents can look up and confirm any Flight Credits available.

Spirit Voucher

Understanding Spirit Credit Validity

Spirit Airlines vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of issue. The exact expiration date is provided with the credit details. Some key limitations:

  • Credits can only be used before the expiration date shown.
  • Bookings must be fully paid using the credit before it lapses.
  • Credits cannot be extended except through Spirit’s one-time Voucher Extension program (fee applies).
  • Expired credits cannot be reinstated or refunded in any way.

Before the expiration date, be sure to redeem your Spirit voucher in full towards a new flight booking. Book far in advance to allow time for any changes.

Spirit Airlines Voucher Fees

Spirit allows a one-time, non-refundable Voucher Extension to be purchased if you are unable to use your credit before it expires. To qualify, the original booking must have been made 7 or more days before departure.

Here are the current Voucher Extension fees for Spirit credits:

  • $50 for credits between $50-$99
  • $75 for credits between $100-$199
  • $100 for credits $200 or greater

The new extended expiration date will be 6 months from the date the extension is processed by Spirit Airlines. Extensions must be requested before the current expiration date passes.

Applying for Your Spirit Credit

When booking a new flight on Spirit’s website or app, your applicable Flight Credit will automatically apply during checkout if the account and passenger name match. The credit will be visible on the payment screen. However, a few things to note:

  • The booking must be made under the same account that received the voucher.
  • Credits only apply to the passenger matching the original booking/compensation.
  • Multiple credits cannot be combined – only one credit per passenger can be used.
  • Credits are applied in USD amounts. Additionally, Conversion rates may alter the value of international flights.
  • Any new booking amount exceeding the credit will need to be paid separately.

Before finalizing the booking, review that the correct Flight Credit value has been applied. Print or save the complete itinerary and e-ticket confirmation after purchase.

Using Spirit Credits for Other Passengers

Spirit vouchers are tied to the individual passenger from the original reservation or compensation. However, credits can be applied to bookings made for other passengers through your Spirit account.

On Spirit’s website/app:

  1. Begin booking a flight for the new passenger.
  2. At checkout, switch from the new passenger to the person with the Flight Credit under “Passenger Name”.
  3. After that, the applicable credit will now apply to the linked profile.
  4. Complete the booking using the credit.
  5. Then, Change the passenger name back to the actual traveler.
  6. Lastly, the new reservation is now booked for a different passenger using the existing voucher.

This technique allows you to redeem Flight Credits on behalf of someone else while keeping the credit associated with the original passenger profile or if you are not able to do so you can call +1-833-408-8890 customer services for more details.

Using Expiring Spirit Credits

As expiration dates approach, you may need to be flexible to ensure you can redeem Flight Credits in time. Some tips:

  1. Book refundable fares in case plans change – Spirit refunds as a new credit with an updated expiration.
  2. Transfer credits to family/friends if you cannot travel before expiration.
  3. Also, Book farther in advance – weekend getaways are less expensive.
  4. Additionally, Search wide date ranges, nearby airports, and off-peak days/times.
  5. Use credits on Big Front Seat upgrades if no cheap fares are available before expiration.

If nearing expiration, it’s recommended to use credits on any Spirit flight booking that fits within your budget to avoid losing the voucher amount entirely.

How do I use my Spirit Airlines credit?

You can use your Spirit credit towards booking new flights on Spirit’s website or mobile app. Firstly, Log into your account and the credit will automatically apply at checkout. Additionally, it can be used for yourself or others.

Does my Spirit credit expire?

Yes, Spirit credits expire one year after the issue. You can request a one-time extension by contacting Spirit customer service before expiration. There is a $50 processing fee for credit extensions.

Can I use my Spirit credit for flights booked by others?

Yes, Spirit credits can be applied towards reservations made under different passenger names, as long as the booking is made through your Spirit account.

How do I check my Spirit credit balance?

You can log into your online account on Spirit’s website or mobile app to view your current reservation credit balance. Moreover, it will be listed under the My Reservations section call +1-833-408-8890 customer services for more details.

Can I get a refund for an unused Spirit credit?

No, Spirit credits have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for a cash refund under any circumstances. They can only be used for booking future travel on Spirit Airlines.


Finding and redeeming a Spirit Airlines voucher is a straightforward process that can result in significant savings on your flights. By checking your email, contacting customer support if needed, reading the terms and conditions, and following the steps outlined on the Spirit Airlines website, you can easily locate and redeem your voucher. Remember to pay attention to any restrictions or limitations, such as expiration dates and blackout dates, to ensure a successful redemption.

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