How to Select Seat on Sun Country Airlines?

Sun Country Airlines is an American ultra-low-cost carrier based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It operates flights to over 60 destinations in the United States, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. One of the essential aspects of air travel for passengers is the ability to choose their seats. Selecting the right seat can make all the difference in a comfortable and enjoyable flight experience. This article will discuss how to select a seat on Sun Country Airlines and provide tips for choosing the best seats for your next flight.

Select Seat on Sun Country Airlines

Sun Country Airlines offers several ways to select seats, depending on your preferences and needs. You can choose your seats during the booking process when you check in online. Also, At the airport or by contacting customer service. Here are the different options in more detail:

Online (By website):

One of the easiest ways to select your seats is through Sun Country Airlines’ website. During the booking process, you can choose your free seats or premium seats for an additional fee. If you’ve already booked your flight and want to select seats later, you can log into your account and access your itinerary.

During Booking:

As mentioned earlier, you can select your seats during the booking process. If you have a specific seat preference or want to ensure that you and your travel companions are seated together, selecting seats during booking is a good option. At last, Keep in mind that some seats may require an additional fee.

At Check-in:

If you didn’t select your seats during booking, you can choose them when you check in for your flight. You can check in online, on your mobile device, or at the airport kiosk. Depending on availability, you can choose your preferred seat or upgrade to a premium seat.

Through Customer Service:

If you need assistance or have special requests, you can contact Sun Country Airlines’ customer service team to select your seats. They can help you with questions or concerns about seat selection or special accommodations. Lastly, Remember that additional fees for specific seat selections or services may exist.

Sun Country Airlines Seat Selection Fees and Policies:

Sun Country Airlines allows passengers to select flight seats with different fees and policies depending on the type of ticket purchased and the seat selection method. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Basic Economy Fare: Passengers who purchase a Basic Economy Fare will be randomly assigned seats at check-in and cannot choose their seats in advance.

Standard Economy Fare: Passengers who purchase a Standard Economy Fare can select their seats for free during online check-in, which opens 24 hours before the scheduled departure time. A fee will apply if a passenger wants to choose a seat during booking or change their seat after online check-in.

Exit Row Seats: Sun Country Airlines charges an additional fee for exit row seats due to their extra legroom. Only passengers who meet specific eligibility requirements, such as being over 15 years of age and physically able to assist in an emergency, can sit in these seats.

Premium Seating: Passengers who want more comfortable and spacious seats can upgrade to Premium Seating for an additional fee. These seats include extra legroom, complimentary food and drinks, and priority boarding.

Policies for Group Bookings: Passengers traveling as part of a group may be able to select their seats for free during booking, depending on the size of the group and the type of ticket purchased.

Tips for Select the Best Seat on Sun Country Airlines:

Consider your preferences and needs: Do you prefer a window or aisle seat? Do you need extra legroom or have a medical condition that requires a specific seat type?
Research seat configurations: Check the aircraft type and seat map on Sun Country Airlines’ website to see the seats, configuration, and amenities available for each row.
Look for seats with extra legroom: Sun Country Airlines offers exit row seats and premium seating with more legroom, which can be worth the additional cost for long flights.
Consider proximity to restrooms: If you need to use the restroom frequently, choose a seat closer to the restrooms.
Choose seats based on your travel needs: Families with children may want to sit together, while solo travelers prefer a window seat for privacy. Travelers with disabilities or special needs may require specific seat types, such as bulkhead seats with more space for a service animal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • Is it necessary to select seats in advance on Sun Country Airlines?

No, it is not necessary to select seats in advance. Sun Country Airlines automatically assigns seats to passengers during the check-in process.

  • How much does it cost to select seats on Sun Country Airlines?

The seat selection cost varies depending on the route and the type of seat selected. Prices start at $5 for standard seats and go up to $60 for premium seats.

  • Can I change my seat selection after booking my flight on Sun Country Airlines?

Yes, you can change your seat selection before the flight departure by accessing your booking on the Sun Country Airlines website or contacting customer service.

  • What is the difference between standard and premium seats on Sun Country Airlines?

Standard seats are the regular seats on the aircraft, while premium seats offer additional benefits such as extra legroom and priority boarding.

  • Can I reserve an exit-row seat on Sun Country Airlines?

Yes, you can reserve an exit-row seat for an additional fee. However, passengers must meet specific eligibility requirements, such as being able to assist in an emergency evacuation.

  • How can I ensure that I am seated next to my travel companion on Sun Country Airlines?

Firstly, Ensure that you are seated next to your travel companion. At last, You must select seats together during the booking process or select adjacent seats at check-in.

  • What should I do if I have special seating needs on Sun Country Airlines?

If you have special seating needs, such as requiring extra legroom or having a disability. You must contact Sun Country Airlines customer service in advance to request accommodations.

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