Ryanair Multi City Flights

Booking Multi-City Flights on Ryanair

Ryanair is one of Europe’s leading low-cost carriers, operating flights between various destinations across 40 countries. Known for their low base fares and strict baggage policies, Ryanair launched a multi-city booking feature in 2018 to provide more flexible routing options. This article explains what multi-city bookings are, the pros and cons of using them for Ryanair flights, and tips for booking affordable multi-stop trips.

What are Multi-City Flights?

Multi-city flights allow you to book a single trip with multiple stopovers in different cities before reaching your final destination. It combines several one-way flight segments into one booking. For example, you could book a multi-city flight starting in Dublin, stopping in London, then continuing to Berlin.

Multi-city can also refer to open-jaw flights where you fly into one city and depart from a different city at the end. An open-jaw Dublin to London, Berlin to Paris itinerary is considered a type of multi-city routing.

Benefits of Ryanair Multi-City Flights

Ryanair’s multi-city booking option provides several advantages:

  • Allows Complex Routes – Combine flights between multiple destinations on a single itinerary instead of booking separate one-ways.
  • More Customization – Craft your unique route with flexibility on where and how long you stop.
  • One Booking Process – Manage just one booking for all legs of the journey, with one payment and e-ticket.
  • Potential Cost Savings – Multi-city can sometimes be cheaper than booking individual flights.
  • Ease of Changes – You can modify all flights in one place if plans shift.
  • Qualify for Promotions – Multi-city bookings may meet requirements for companion fares or other deals.
  • Reduced Risk – If one leg is delayed or canceled, the airline will accommodate the rest of the itinerary.

How to Book Multi-city Flights on Ryanair?

Ryanair Multi City Flights

By Website:

  • Go to the official website and click ‘Flight Search’.
  • Enter your first origin and destination airport codes.
  • Click ‘Add another flight’ to add additional flight segments.
  • Fill in up to 4 total flight segments with desired routes.
  • Modify departure dates for each flight leg as needed.
  • Click ‘Search Flights’ to see options and combine them into one booking.
  • Select preferred flights and continue through the payment.
  • Provide contact info in case Ryanair needs to reach you about itinerary changes.

Booking by Phone:

  • Call the Ryanair call center for your country or dial +3 531 255 5212 or +1-888-370-4802.
  • Specify you want to book a multi-city itinerary.
  • Give the agent each flight route and date you want to be included.
  • Confirm details as the agent constructs the full multi-city itinerary.
  • Provide passenger names, contact information, and payment details.
  • Ask the agent to email a full itinerary confirmation after booking.
  • Make notes of the reservation for future reference and change requests.
  • Double-check luggage allowances, transfer times, and entry requirements before traveling.

Limitations to Know

While the multi-city feature enables complex routes, there are some limitations to consider:

  • Limited Connections – Ryanair only operates short-haul point-to-point flights, not hub connections.
  • 1-hour Minimum Connections – You must allow at least 60 minutes between Ryanair flights.
  • Self-transferring – Ryanair does not assist with transfers between flights. You must collect bags, exit security, and check in again.
  • No Roundtrips – All segments must be one-way flights, no returning to origin cities allowed.
  • Entry/exit Regulations – Must follow all passport and visa rules for your full route.
  • Baggage Limits – Normal carry-on and checked bag allowances apply for each flight leg.
  • No Protection – Ryanair does not offer protections or accommodation for delays/cancellations when self-transferring.

Tips for Booking Ryanair Multi-City Flights

Follow these tips to successfully book cost-effective multi-city flights on Ryanair:

  • Use Ryanair’s flight search tool to build optimal route combinations.
  • Be flexible on dates, airports, and early/late flights to get the lowest fares.
  • Book early as direct routes sell out fast. Connecting flights are usually left.
  • Avoid busy airports like London Stansted to minimize transfer times.
  • Allow adequate connection times based on airport size and customs lines.
  • Review airport maps to find efficient transfer routes between terminals.
  • Pack minimally to speed up transfers between Ryanair flights.
  • Purchase priority boarding for early seat selection if carrying multiple bags.
  • Download mobile boarding passes in advance for each flight segment.
  • Provide contact details so Ryanair can notify you of any itinerary changes.
  • Consider travel insurance for multi-city trips in case of cancellations or delays.

How do I book a multi-city flight on Ryanair?

On Ryanair’s website or app, use the ‘Multiple Destinations’ feature to enter different origin and destination cities for each leg of your itinerary. Ryanair will combine these into one multi-city booking. Additionally, you can call Ryanair’s phone number at +3 531 255 5212 or +1-888-370-4802.

What are the limits on Ryanair multi-city bookings?

Ryanair allows up to 4 flight segments on one multi-city booking. At least 60 minutes connection time is required between Ryanair flights. Roundtrips are not allowed – all segments must be one-way.

What baggage allowances apply to multi-city Ryanair flights?

Ryanair’s standard carry-on and checked baggage policies apply per person, per flight. You’ll need to retrieve your bags and check in separately at each airport during connections.

Can I make changes to a Ryanair multi-city booking?

Yes, you can modify flight times, dates, and routing for any segment on a multi-city booking for a fee. Changes must be made at least 4 hours pre-departure.

Will Ryanair assist with multi-city flight connections?

No, Ryanair does not provide transfers or protections for self-connecting multi-city flights. You are responsible for transferring between your booked Ryanair flights and allowing adequate connection time.

By understanding the intricacies of Ryanair’s multi-city booking option, you can plan affordable and convenient multi-stop European journeys tailored to your specific travel preferences. Just ensure to budget ample connection time between the low-cost airline’s point-to-point flights.

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