KLM Seat Selection

How to Select Your Seats on KLM Flights?

Having the ability to pick your seats in advance is a useful feature offered by KLM to help customize your in-flight experience. However, KLM has varying policies regarding free seat selection versus paid seats depending on your fare class and Elite status. This article provides an in-depth look at KLM’s seat selection options, fees, and processes.

Types of Seats on KLM Flights

KLM offers three main choices for seating when flying with them:

  • Standard Economy Seats – These are the basic recliner seats in the economy cabin with 31-32 inches pitch. Free selection may be available depending on the fare.
  • Economy Comfort Seats – These seats have added legroom with a 35-36 inch pitch. There is a fee for pre-selection that varies by route.
  • Business Class Seats – KLM’s lie-flat business seats offer a fully reclining experience. Seat selection in this premium cabin always requires payment of a fee.

In addition, some bulkhead and emergency exit row seats provide extra legroom for an additional cost when pre-selecting. Families can reserve special seats together in KLM’s Family Zone section.

KLM Airlines Seat Selection

Seat Selection Fees

Most discounted economy fares like Economy Light only allow free selection at airport check-in. Pre-selecting standard economy seats costs around $15-25 USD per flight segment when booking other economy fares like Economy Standard.

Upgrading to Economy Comfort seats costs $50-$150 per segment depending on route distance. Business class seats incur the highest fees ranging from $150 to over $600 each way. Taxes are additional on international routes.

Higher-tier Flying Blue Elite members receive a certain allotment of free seat selections per year on Economy and Economy Comfort. Using a KLM credit card can also provide complimentary seats.

KLM Seat Selection Process

Seats can be pre-selected in different ways:

  • During Online Booking – Select seats from the available inventory after entering flight info. Added fees apply.
  • Through “Manage My Booking” – Log into your booking online to pick seats for a fee post-booking or call 1-800-618-0104.
  • At Online Check-In – Free and paid seats can be selected if available 24 hours before departure.
  • At Airport Check-In – Get assigned seats at the check-in counter if not reserved in advance.
  • At the Gate – Remaining seats may be provided at the gate upon request or based on frequent flyer status.

Seats are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. Booking or checking in early increases the chances of getting preferred seats together. KLM will attempt to seat families together but this is not guaranteed without pre-selection.

Connecting Flight Seat Assignments

For journeys involving connecting KLM flights, seats must be picked separately for each flight segment. Moreover, there is no option to select all seats for connections in a single booking. This is because each flight has its own availability and potential aircraft changes.

If selecting connecting seats in advance, allow adequate connection times based on having to deplane, transit between gates, and re-board at the hub airport. Some airports like Amsterdam Schiphol are very large.

Changing or Cancelling Pre-Selected KLM Seats

You can change your reserved seat through “Manage My Booking” on KLM’s website or call 1-800-618-0104 for an additional fee before online check-in closing (usually 24 hours pre-departure). Name changes are also permitted for a set fee per passenger.

However, there are no refunds provided for prepaid seat fees if you need to cancel your KLM flight after selecting seats. The fees are non-refundable unless the flight itself is canceled by KLM. Any rebooking will require new seat reservations.

Getting a Refund for Seat Selection Fees

As mentioned, KLM does not refund prepaid seat selection fees if you voluntarily change or cancel your flight booking. However, if KLM cancels or significantly delays your flight, you can request a refund for paid seat fees by contacting KLM customer service after the disruption. Passengers are not responsible for seat costs when KLM is at fault for cancellations or changes.

With preparation and research, KLM’s seat selection options allow you to tailor your in-flight seating experience – for a fee in most cases. Understand the airline’s policies for your fare to pick the best seats hassle-free.

FAQs about KLM seat selection:

Does KLM charge for seat selection?

Yes, KLM charges a fee for advance seat selection on most flight classes and fares, except for premium cabins. Moreover,  Fees apply per seat, per flight segment.

How much does KLM charge for seat selection?

Seat selection fees on KLM depend on the route, cabin, and type of seat. Fees generally range from $10-$50 USD each way. Business class seats cost extra.

When can I select seats on my KLM flight?

You can pre-select seats during booking or later through online check-in opening 24 hours before departure. Availability varies by fare type.

Does KLM offer free seat selection?

Some high-tier frequent flyer members receive complimentary seat selection. Elite members can also select Economy Comfort seats for free.

Why can’t I select a seat on my KLM flight?

If online seat selection is not available, it means the seats are being assigned at the airport. Additionally, This may occur for discounted fares or very full flights.

Can I change my KLM seat selection after booking?

Yes, you can change your pre-selected seats for a fee through Manage My Booking on KLM’s website or call 1-800-618-0104 up until Online check-in closes.

What types of seats does KLM offer?

KLM offers Economy, Premium Economy, Business, and World Business Class seats. The economy provides comfortable seating with personal entertainment systems. Premium Economy grants extra legroom and reclining, along with enhanced meal service. Business Class offers lie-flat beds and priority boarding, while World Business Class features luxurious suites with privacy doors.

How do I select seats for my KLM connecting flight?

You must select seats separately for each flight segment in your KLM itinerary. Connecting seats cannot be assigned during a single booking.

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