Avianca Refund Policy

Avianca Cancellation and Refund Claims

Avianca, Colombia’s flagship carrier, understands passengers face unexpected circumstances affecting travel plans. Its flexible refund policies accommodate disrupted schedules, providing peace of mind and financial protection for customers. Let’s explore Avianca refund guidelines to help you navigate the process with confidence.

Overview of Avianca’s Cancellation Policy:

Avianca offers flexible booking options but charges cancellation fees depending on the ticket type, flight duration, and advance notice given. Tickets classified as Promo, Discount, Basic, or Flex allow free cancellations up to 24 hours after purchase. Beyond this window, cancellation fees apply based on factors like flight length and departure date. Generally, the closer you cancel to departure, the higher the cancellation penalty.

First-class tickets incur higher cancellation fees compared to economy class. International flights also tend to have stricter policies than domestic routes. Avianca advises checking your specific ticket conditions carefully before booking to understand the cancellation rules and charges applicable. Non-refundable Economy Lite fares do not allow cancellations or changes. Contact Avianca’s customer service to review your options if you need to cancel – you may be able to redeposit the value in an Avianca travel bank as an alternative to losing the full amount.

Overview of Avianca Airlines’ refund policy

  • Avianca offers refunds on canceled flights when the passenger did not initiate the cancellation. Refunds are typically processed back to the original form of payment within 24 hours.
  • For passenger-initiated cancellations, refund eligibility and fees vary based on the fare class purchased. Lower-priced restricted fares often have strict no-refund policies, while flexible/refundable fares allow cancellations with a fee.
  • To request a refund due to a cancellation, contact Avianca’s customer service phone number at +1 (866) 919-0081 or +1-888-370-4802 or website and provide the reservation code. An agent will review eligibility.
  • Refunds only apply to unused flights. If the passenger has already taken a portion of the trip before canceling, only the unused segments are eligible for a refund.
  • Non-refundable tickets may allow the value to be redeposited into an Avianca travel voucher usable on future flights. This avoids losing the full amount.
  • Refunds are typically processed back to the original payment method within 24 hours after approval. Additionally, Allow 1-2 billing cycles for the funds to be fully processed.
  • Terms and conditions regarding refunds should be reviewed carefully at the time of booking to understand cancellation policies.

Avianca Refund Policy

Requesting an Avianca Refund or Credit

Passengers seeking ticket refunds or vouchers should initiate requests through Avianca’s official channels, namely:

  • Online: Log in to manage my trip section on Avianca’s website and submit a request form.
  • Mobile app: Access My Trips, select the affected reservation, and tap ‘Cancel Flight.’ Complete the requested information, then confirm cancellation. Expect an email confirmation detailing the next steps.
  • Call Center: Contact Avianca’s call centers at +1 (866) 919-0081 or +1-888-370-4802 for personalized guidance throughout the process.

How Can I Get Compensation from Avianca in Case of Flight Delay or Cancellation?

If your Avianca flight is delayed significantly or canceled, you may be entitled to compensation under airline passenger protection policies. Contact Avianca as soon as possible after the disruption to file a claim. Provide your flight details and explain the hardship the delay/cancellation caused. Compensation may be issued as an airline voucher or monetary reimbursement for expenses incurred related to the issue. Compensation eligibility and amounts vary based on factors like delay length, cause of disruption, and accommodation/meals provided. Then, Submit receipts to help support your claim. Persistently follow up if your claim is not resolved promptly by Avianca.

Processing Fees

Avianca charges processing fees ranging from $50-$150 per passenger for cancellations made after the risk-free period. Amounts depend on ticket type and destination region. Note that these costs don’t affect voucher values issued for rescheduled or altered flight reservations.

Waivers and Special Circumstances

Occasionally, Avianca introduces temporary waivers addressing extraordinary events, like pandemics or natural disasters. During such periods, relaxed policies allow free modifications or partial refunds for certain tickets. Review current announcements on Avianca’s website to stay updated regarding special provisions.


Avianca’s refund policies cater to diverse travel needs, balancing affordability and flexibility. Full-fare ticket holders benefit from hassle-free cancellations, whereas budget-conscious flyers accept limited modification rights in exchange for discounted rates. Electronic vouchers extend versatile savings opportunities, encouraging brand loyalty among satisfied clientele. Ultimately, understanding Avianca’s refund guidelines empowers customers to exercise their rights confidently while navigating ever-changing global landscapes.

Avianca Airlines FAQs

What is Avianca’s flight cancellation refund policy?

Avianca aims to process refunds for canceled flights within 24 hours of the cancellation. Moreover, The refund is typically returned to the original form of payment used to book the flight.

How can I get a refund from Avianca for my canceled flight?

You can request a refund by contacting Avianca’s customer service team. Additionally,  Call Avianca’s refund phone number at +1 (866) 919-0081 or +1-888-370-4802 or reach out via their website contact form. Provide your reservation code and other booking details. An agent will confirm if you are eligible for a full refund based on the type of ticket purchased.

How long does it take Avianca to process a flight cancellation refund?

Avianca issues flight cancellation refunds within 24 hours in most cases. The refund will be sent back to the original form of payment used to purchase the ticket. Allow 1-2 billing cycles for the refund to be fully processed with your bank or credit card company.

How can I check the status of my Avianca cancellation refund?

You can check your Avianca refund status online or by phone. Firstly, Provide your reservation code and billing details. An agent can look up the status and confirm when the refund was issued and processed back to your method of payment. Follow up if it has been over 24 hours since requesting the refund.

Does Avianca provide refunds for flight cancellations they initiate?

Yes, Avianca will issue a full refund when they are the cause of a flight cancellation. You are entitled to a refund back to your original payment method within 24 hours in line with their cancellation policy. Contact Avianca to confirm details and request a refund.

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