Avianca Airlines Change Flight

Hassle-Free Flight Modifications: Making Changes to Your Avianca Booking

Life happens, and sometimes our travel plans need to change accordingly. When flying with Avianca, passengers may encounter situations where alterations become necessary. Fortunately, Avianca provides customers with options to modify or change their flight, though fees and restrictions apply. This comprehensive guide walks you through the process of changing an Avianca flight, equipping you with the knowledge to navigate the procedure seamlessly.

How Can I Change My Flight with Avianca?

  • Check if your ticket falls under Avianca’s change flight policy, considering fare rules and ticket type.
  • Gather essential information, such as the reservation code (PNR) and passenger name.
  • Visit Avianca’s official website.
  • Navigate to the ‘My Trips’ section and click on ‘Manage My Flight’.
  • Fill in the required fields (passenger name and reservation code).
  • Access your reservation and select the flight you desire to change.
  • Choose between ‘New Search’ or ‘Keep Original Date’, depending on your preference.
  • Peruse the available alternatives, noting differences in fare, flight duration, layovers, and aircraft type.
  • Once decide, add the new flight to your cart.
  • View the summary of changes, calculating any applicable fees.
  • Complete the payment process to finalize the modification.
  • Download or email the updated itinerary for future reference.

Avianca Airlines Change Flight

Alternatively, You Can Avianca Change Flight by:

  • Contacting Avianca’s customer service via phone or live chat.
  • Providing your reservation details and specifying the desired alterations.
  • Listening to available options and deciding on the best one.
  • Confirming the new flight and paying any necessary Avianca flight change fee
  • Verifying the updated itinerary and receiving a copy for your records.

Remember to evaluate the change fee structure, considering same-day confirmed changes or LifeMiles elite member privileges, which may result in reduced or waived penalties. Further, note that major name discrepancies could require ticket reissue at full cost, whereas minor typos incur nominal fees if backed by appropriate identification.

Can I Contact Avianca to Change My Flight?

Yes, you can contact Avianca to change flights by calling their customer service hotline. Representatives are available 24/7 to assist with flight modifications at 1 (800) 284-2622. Bear in mind that telephone change fees may apply, and it’s essential to have your reservation code and passenger details handy. Promptly reaching out to Avianca can help alleviate stress caused by sudden itinerary changes, ensuring a smoother transition.

Is there a Fee to Change a Flight with Avianca?

Avianca imposes an Avianca change fee contingent on several factors, including ticket type, fare class, and departure proximity. Generally, altering a nonrefundable ticket incurs a charge ranging from $50 to $200 plus any difference in fare. Specific exceptions may apply, such as waived fees for LifeMiles elite members or same-day confirmed changes. To determine the exact cost, utilize Avianca’s online change tool or contact their customer service department. Remember that failure to modify a reservation before the designated deadline might result in the loss of ticket value.

What is Avianca Airlines Flight Change Policy?

Avianca Airlines permits Avianca to change flights under their policy, although fees and conditions vary depending on ticket type and fare rules. Typically, modifying a nonrefundable ticket entails a charge of $50-$200 plus any fare differential. Certain exceptions may include waived fees for LifeMiles elite members or same-day confirmed changes. All modifications must occur before the ticket’s expiration or risk losing value. Passengers can change flights via the website, mobile application, or call center. Name corrections due to typographical errors carry nominal fees if supported by acceptable identification. Major name discrepancies might necessitate ticket reissue at full cost. For specifics, always refer to Avianca’s official policy or speak with a representative.

How Many Times Can You Change Your Flight to Avianca?

Avianca doesn’t impose strict limitations on the number of flight changes allowed. Instead, modification policies primarily hinge on fare rules linked to ticket types. Generally, nonrefundable tickets incur a change fee per segment, ranging from $50 to $200, whereas refundable tickets permit changes sans fees. Accruing multiple change fees can inflate overall costs. However, exemptions like same-day confirmed changes or LifeMiles elite status may confer reduced or eliminated fees. Timely completion of all modifications prior to ticket expiration or departure ensures ticket value preservation. Refer to Avianca to change flight policy or interact with their customer service for explicit directions.

Key Points to Remember

  • Avianca change fees vary depending on fare class, ticket type, and time constraints. Same-day confirmed changes may waive certain penalties, whereas LifeMiles elite status members might enjoy complimentary modifications.
  • Name corrections necessitated by minor typos or omissions typically incur nominal fees, assuming supporting documentation backs the claimed identity. Significant name discrepancies, nevertheless, might demand reissuing tickets at full fare.
  • Direct flights normally impose higher change fees relative to connecting flights. Thus, contemplating indirect routes might occasionally prove more cost-effective when facing penalizing amendment tariffs.
  • Always double-check refund policies before canceling non-refundable tickets since partial credits may be recoverable under specific circumstances.
  • Contact Avianca customer support for assistance if experiencing difficulties navigating the online portal or grappling with Avianca’s 24-hour cancellation policy. Telephone representatives are standing by to walk you through the process and resolve pressing concerns.


Although altering flight plans can induce anxiety, armed with this step-by-step guide, embarking on the voyage of Avianca change flight becomes considerably less intimidating. Grasp the opportunity to modify your travel schedule with confidence, bearing in mind that flexibility remains essential in today’s dynamic aviation landscape. Happy travels!

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