Air France Seat Selection

Choosing Your Seat on Air France Flights

Picking the right seat on an airplane makes a big difference in how comfortable you’ll feel during your flight. Air France gives passengers several options for reserving the perfect spot. From roomy seats with extra legroom to cozy window views, there are pros and cons to each section. This guide explains Air France seat selection policies and fees so you can make the wisest choice.

Air France’s Seat Selection Policy

  • Standard seats are assigned complimentary during booking on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Passengers can pay extra fees to reserve preferred seats with additional legroom and amenities.
  • Fees range from $30 to $120 per one-way flight.
  • Includes exit row, bulkhead, and other premium economy seating.
  • Business class passengers can select specific seat numbers at no extra cost.
  • Economy and premium economy passengers must pay to secure their preferred seat assignment in advance.
  • Fees are based on factors like aircraft type, route, and availability at the time of booking.
  • Passengers can also try to change seats at the airport counter, subject to availability and potentially higher fees.

How to Reserve Preferred Seats?

You can purchase preferred seat upgrades while initially booking your Air France flights, either on their website or by phone (+1 (800) 237-2747 or +1-888-370-4802). This allows you to choose and secure the best available preferred seats since inventory is first-come, first-served.

Air France Seat Selection

If you’ve already booked but want to switch seats, you can pay for upgrades later through the Air France “Manage Booking” tool. Go to the Seat Selection step and view the current map to pay for any remaining preferred seat options.

Keep in mind, your originally selected standard seats were free. So if upgrading to preferred, you’ll pay the upgrade fee for the new preferred seat location plus any applicable fare difference for moving cabin classes if necessary.

Seat Selection During Booking

When booking a flight with Air France, you can easily select your preferred seat. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Visit the Air France website and begin your flight search.
  • After entering your travel details, choose your desired flight. Click ‘Continue’ to proceed to the passenger and payment information pages.
  • On the passenger information page, you will have the option to select your seat(s) for each leg of your journey.
  • Click on the seat map corresponding to your chosen flight. This will bring up a graphical representation of the aircraft layout, highlighting available and already assigned seats.
  • Choose your desired seat and click on it to reserve it.
  • Continue with the booking process, providing the necessary passenger and payment information.

Please note that seat selection availability and fees may vary depending on the fare type and route and to get more details in this regard simply contact customer services at 800-237-2747

Associated Fees

Typically, Air France offers three fare categories: Economy, Premium Economy, and Business class. Here’s an overview of seat selection fees for each class:

  • Economy Class: Most Economy fares carry a seat selection fee. However, certain promotional fares might include free seat selection.
  • Premium Economy Class: Seat selection is generally free in Premium Economy class, and passengers can choose from a wider range of seats with added legroom and comfort.
  • Business Class: Seat selection is almost always free in Business class. Passengers can opt for lie-flat beds, private suites, or other luxurious seating options.

How do I select seats online when booking Air France flights?

On the Air France website, after selecting your flights, there will be a “Seat Selection” step. Here you can view the seat map and choose your preferred seat by clicking on it and paying any applicable fees. This allows you to reserve your desired seat during the initial booking process.

Does Air France charge fees for seat selection?

Yes, Air France charges fees to reserve certain preferred seat locations. Standard seats are complimentary, but you’ll pay extra for preferred seating with more legroom, as well as exit row and bulkhead seats.

How much does Air France charge for economy seat selection?

Fees for selecting preferred economy seats on Air France range from $30-$120 per one-way flight, depending on factors like the plane type, route, and availability when booking.

Can I select seats for free in Air France premium economy?

No, even in premium economy, Air France charges a fee to pre-reserve specific seat numbers. While premium economy seats already have more space, you’ll still need to pay to secure your exact seat location.

Does Air France allow complimentary seat selection in business class?

Yes, if traveling in Air France business class, you can select your preferred seat at no extra charge during the booking process or manage it later through your reservation.

I can’t get the seat selection option to work on the Air France website. What should I do?

If you encounter issues with selecting seats online, first try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies for the Air France site. You can also call Air France to have an agent assist in selecting seats over the phone. The website may have technical limitations, which can be overcome by contacting 800-237-2747.

Helpful Tips for Getting Your Ideal Seat

  • Book Early: Seats tend to fill up fast, especially on popular routes. Book your flight as early as possible to secure your favorite spot onboard.
  • Check Multiple Times: Even if you don’t find your ideal seat right away, keep checking periodically. New seats become available due to cancellations or upgrades, and you might find a better option closer to your departure date.
  • Be Flexible: If you aren’t able to get your preferred seat initially, try being flexible with your choice. You might find a comparable seat elsewhere on the plane or in a slightly different location.
  • Contact Air France: If you face difficulties with seat selection online, reach out to Air France customer service for assistance at +1 (800) 237-2747 or +1-888-370-4802. They can manually assign seats or suggest alternatives based on availability.
  • Sign Up for Frequent Flyer Programs: Joining Air France’s Flying Blue frequent flyer program or other SkyTeam alliance loyalty programs can earn you perks like priority seat selection, even on cheaper fares.

In conclusion, reserving your seat on Air France flights brings peace of mind, knowing you have a comfortable setting tailored to your preferences. Though fees may apply and availability can vary, preparing in advance and staying flexible leads to a positive and satisfying journey. By remembering the advice discussed, you’ll enhance your overall flying experience with Air France.

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