WestJet Check-in Policy

WestJet Check In Policy

Overview of WestJet Check In Policy

WestJet Airlines is a Canadian carrier from Calgary, Alberta. It flies to more than 100 destinations in Central America, North America, Europe, and the Caribbean over 175 destinations. WestJet Check-in is an option for passengers available within 24 hours of departure. This article will walk you through the WestJet check-in process and documentation.

Many options are available for the passenger to proceed with the WestJet check-in process-  online check-in mobile, web check-in, WestJet airport kiosks, airport counter, etc.
Regardless of the methods one must choose for the WestJet web check-in, passengers are recommended to arrive a few hours before their boarding time. Hence, they have enough time to complete the security check, especially for international departures, as they take longer. WestJet check-in may require additional procedures to be completed by passengers for international travel.

How To Check In For WestJet Flight?

WestJet allows for several ways to check-in by passengers before their WestJet boarding time-

  • Online check-in
  • Mobile check-in
  • Kiosk check-in
  • Airport check-in

Online Check-In with WestJet:

WestJet web check-in opens 24 hours and up to 60 minutes before the departure of your flight. Using the PNR number, passengers can avail of online check-in Westjet. This also allows the passenger to select their preferred seats on the flight.

Online Check-In:

With WestJet’s online check-in, you can:

  • With the web check-in WestJet, You can add any SkyMiles, WestJet Rewards, or other points to your WestJet reservation.
  • You can select an earlier flight if you want by WestJet check-in.
  • You can select or upgrade your seat with web check-in.
  • You can print your boarding pass.
  • You can review your WestJet boarding time.
  • Pay for extra baggage if necessary.

How to Online Check-in WestJet?

  • Open WestJet.com.
  • Look for the ‘Check-in’ or “Manage Trips” Tab.
  • Then look for the ‘check-in now’ tab.

By default, you’ll be prompted to look for your trip via Reservation Code, which means add your Last Name followed by the reservation code.

You can also access your trip by ticket number (drop-down menu). Add your last name followed by your ticket number.

  • After entering the details, look for the “Find my Trip” tab, then follow the on-screen instructions to check in for the flight.
  • Your boarding pass Westjet will be mailed to you.
  • You can get your WestJet Check-in and boarding pass sent to your mobile phone, which you can then show at the check-in gate at the airport.
  • Or you can choose to WestJet print ticket at home option.

Mobile Check-In with WestJet:

Mobile WestJet check-in is another option for checking in with your phone 24 hours before departure. You can also receive the mobile boarding pass on your phone.

You can-

  • Check-in virtually for your flight.
  • Add any WestJet Rewards, SkyMiles, or other credits to your reservation.
  • You can choose a different timing.
  • Choose or upgrade your seats.
  • Pay for extra luggage.
  • Download your e-boarding pass.

Things to keep in mind with an e-boarding pass-

  • If you’re traveling with a lap infant or a child, you are not eligible for an E-boarding Pass.
  • You will have to show the e-boarding pass on your phone. Printed copies will not be eligible. If you need a printout, you can get it from an airport self-service kiosk or the check-in counter.

Kiosk Check-In with WestJet:

If you have a confirmed reservation, you can use the kiosks available in airports to make a WestJet check-in at the airport. It is available from 24 hours to 45 minutes before the departure of your flight within Canada, and for US/International flights, it is 60 minutes.

Benefits to keep in mind while using Kiosks for WestJet Check-in:

  • Check/select and upgrade your seats on the flight.
  • Add and SkyMiles, WestJet Reward, etc.
  • Select an earlier flight if available.
  • Print boarding pass copy.
  • The option to print bag tags is also available in limited airports.

Airport Check-In with WestJet:

You always have the option to go through with the WestJet Check-in process at the airport. There is a dedicated customer assistance counter to help you check in-

For domestic flights within Canada-

  • Passengers are required to reach the airport 120 mins before departure.
  • You have to drop off your luggage 90 minutes before check-in, and you should’ve completed all formalities 45 minutes before the departure.
  • Reach the boarding gate 30-40 minutes prior to departure.
  • The boarding usually starts 15-20 minutes before the departure; make sure to board on time.

For International/US Flights-

  • Reach the airport at least 150 minutes prior to departure.
  • Drop off baggage 90 minutes before.
  • Finish all formalities 60 minutes earlier.
  • Reach the boarding gate with at least 30 mins to spare as the boarding starts 10-15 minutes before departure.

Airport Check-In:

At the airport, WestJet’s check-in services provide the following benefits:

  • Convenient Self-check-in kiosks.
  • Quick assistance from the staff.
  • Printed boarding pass from assistance counters or self-kiosks.

When To Arrive At Airport WestJet?

It is recommended that passengers arrive 120 mins before departure for traveling within Canada and 150 mins earlier for international travel for a convenient and smooth travel process.

The WestJet Check-in cut-off is 75 minutes before departure on domestic flights in-

  • Calgary Airport (YYC)
  • Edmonton (YEG)
  • Toronto (YYZ)
  • Vancouver (YVR)

For other airports, the WestJet Check-in cut-off is 60 minutes.

WestJet Check-in Offers

With the WestJet service, you get a lot of benefits-

  • Ability to select your preferred seat.
  • Check in from the comfort of your home instead of waiting in long queues.
  • Easy access to digital boarding pass on your mobile phone instead of worrying about printing the tickets.
  • Change/modify your flight details or timings.

Special Services and Requests:

WestJet’s check-in services also allow you to manage special requests:

WestJet Check-in also gives a few unique services to their passengers on request-

  • Special Assitance: If any passenger requires special amenities like wheelchair access or dietary modifications. They can notify the WestJet staff during the check-in process
  • Pet: If a passenger is traveling with pets, inform the WestJet crew, who will help you fill out any necessary documents required by the airline.
  • The choice to upgrade: Passengers can change/modify/upgrade their seats on the flight and explore other options regarding fare, etc.

Flight Status and Notifications:

WestJet’s check-in services provide access to real-time flight information:

Passengers can opt for notifications and flight status updates-

  • Stay updated on any changes that might be made to your flight, including any delays, cancellations, or gate changes
  • Receive regular notifications to keep you up-to-date with boarding reminders, flight changes, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What travel documents do I need during WestJet check-in?

You will need your booking reference or confirmation number and a valid government-issued photo ID (passport, driver’s license) for domestic flights within Canada. For international travel, you will need a passport and any required visas.

What if I miss the online check-in window?

You can still check in at the airport if you miss the online check-in window. However, it’s recommended to arrive earlier, as airport check-in lines may take longer, especially during peak travel periods.

Is there a specific time window for mobile check-in using the WestJet app?

The mobile check-in using the WestJet app is typically available from 24 hours before the scheduled departure time up to 60 minutes before the flight’s departure time.

Are there any restrictions on using online check-in for specific destinations or types of tickets with WestJet?

Online check-in is usually available for all destinations and ticket types with WestJet. However, exceptions may apply, especially for codeshare flights or certain destinations with specific entry requirements. It’s recommended to check the WestJet website or contact their customer service if you have any concerns.

Is there a fee for printing my boarding pass at the airport kiosk during airport check-in?

There is no fee for printing your boarding pass at the airport kiosk during airport check-in. The service is complimentary.

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