Copa Airlines Seat Selection

How to Choose Your Seats on Copa Airlines?

Picking the right seat on a flight can make a huge difference in comfort during travel. Copa Airlines understands this and gives passengers several options for reserving seats in advance. From extra legroom to window views, there are pros and cons to each seat type. This guide explains Copa Airlines seat selection policies and fees so you can make the best choice.

Why Seat Selection Matters?

The seat you get on an airplane affects more than just where you sit. The right seat provides space to settle in for a pleasant journey. The wrong seat could leave you cramped, unable to work, or disturbed by noise and foot traffic. Choosing wisely gives you control over your flying experience.

Copa Airlines Standard Seats Selection 

When booking with Copa, standard seats are automatically assigned at no extra cost. Standard seats usually have a 31-32 inch pitch, which means moderate legroom. They are a good basic option.

However, standard seats also have downsides. Middle seats feel more cramped. Seats near galleys and lavatories have more noise and foot traffic. Seats in front of exit rows cannot recline. Not being able to choose increases the chances of getting an undesirable location.

Preferred/Preferred Plus Seats

To guarantee more personal space, Copa sells preferred seat upgrades. These include aisle and window seats in the front cabins with extra legroom. Seats have at least a 33-34 inch pitch, giving you 2-3 extra inches to stretch your legs.

Preferred seats cost $5-$20 more per flight segment, depending on the route and demand. Preferred Plus seats by exit rows can cost $30-$50. But the roomy seats ensure more comfort on longer flights.

How to Reserve Preferred Seats?

You can purchase preferred seat upgrades while booking your initial flight reservation, either on the Copa website or by phone (800-359-2672). This ensures the best available seats since inventory is first-come, first-served.

If you booked already but want to change seats, you can also purchase upgrades later through the “Manage Your Reservation” tool on Copa’s site. Go to the Seat Selection step and view available options to pay for any remaining preferred seats.

Keep in mind that your originally selected standard seat was free. So if upgrading to preferred, you’ll pay the upgrade fee for your new preferred seat plus any difference in fare for the cabin change.

Copa Airlines Seat Selection

Upgrades at Check-In

If you originally booked a standard seat but find yourself with flexibility, the airport counter is the last chance to upgrade to a preferred seat. Counter agents can review availability and pricing to change your seat for a fee at check-in.

However, these last-minute seat changes are quite limited, so don’t bank on getting an upgrade. Plus fees may be higher than booking preferred seats in advance. It’s best to select and pay for preferred seating during your initial reservation if possible.

Checking In Early

On Copa Airlines, passengers are assigned standard seats for free in the sequence they checked in – first come, first served. So if you checked in last, you’ll likely be assigned the last pick of remaining standard seats.

To increase your chances of getting a desirable standard seat location without paying extra, make sure you check in online exactly 24 hours before your flight departure. This is when Copa’s window for advance check-in opens. Checking in promptly ensures you get one of the first standard seat assignments.

Fees At-A-Glance

For easy reference, here are Copa’s typical seat selection fees:

  • Standard Seat: No charge, assigned for free
  • Preferred Seat: $5-$20 per segment
  • Preferred Plus (Exit Row): $30-$50 per segment

These fees cover one-way travel. Double the costs for a round-trip. The exact price depends on your specific route.

Does Copa Airlines offer advanced seat selection?

Yes, Copa Airlines allows you to select your preferred seat in advance, either online or through their customer service phone (800-359-2672), before your flight.

How can I choose my seat on Copa Airlines?

You can choose your seat by logging into your reservation on Copa Airlines’ website or mobile app and selecting your preferred seat from the available options displayed on the seat map.

Is there a fee for seat selection on Copa Airlines?

Yes, Copa Airlines charges a seat selection fee for certain fare classes. The exact fee depends on your route and fare type. You can view the fee during the seat selection process.

How much does it cost to select a seat on Copa Airlines?

The cost of seat selection on Copa Airlines varies depending on the route and fare type. The fee will be shown during the seat selection process, allowing you to review it before deciding to proceed.

Can I select my seat in Economy Classic fare on Copa Airlines?

Yes, you can select your seat in the Economy Classic fare on Copa Airlines, however, please note that a seat selection fee may apply. You can view the fee during the seat selection process.

Do I need to pay for seat selection on Copa Airlines?

Whether you need to pay for seat selection on Copa Airlines depends on your fare class, the route you’re flying, and the availability of the desired seat you can get the details at (800-359-2672). You can check the fee during the seat selection process.

Can I pick up my seat on Copa Airlines for free?

Free seat selection may be available for some fare classes or passengers with specific elite status in Copa Airlines’ frequent flyer program. Otherwise, a seat selection fee may apply. Check the fee during the seat selection process.

Tips for  Copa Airlines Seat Selection

  • Check-in for your flight exactly 24 hours in advance to get an early standard seat assignment
  • View the aircraft’s seat map to pinpoint desirable locations and restrictions
  • For couples, book one preferred aisle and one preferred window seat to guarantee sitting together
  • On overnight/red-eye flights, book window seats to rest against the side panels
  • If traveling with infants, pay for preferred/bulkhead seats with cots/bassinets
  • Families may want to reserve the back rows for more privacy and to avoid foot traffic
  • For airport upgrades, arrive very early and cross-check availability with counter staff

By understanding seat choices, reviewing maps, checking in promptly, and utilizing upgrades when affordable, you control your in-flight comfort with Copa Airlines. A little planning goes a long way. The right seat makes all the difference in your air travel experience. Follow these tips to select the perfect spot for your Copa flight!

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