Allegiant Air Priority Access

What do you mean by Allegiant Air priority access?

Sometimes, it is common to see many passengers getting frustrated due to standing in long queues, especially during the peak travel season. If you are one of those and are now seeking a seamless and enhanced experience with Allegiant Air, add “Allegiant Priority Access” to your flight reservation. This service is specifically designed by the airline to enhance the travel journey for its passengers with added conveniences and benefits. In this descriptive read-below, we will shed light on details of Allegiant Priority Access, its benefits, and how to get Allegiant priority or how to utilize this service best.

Understanding Allegiant Priority Access:

Generally, Allegiant Air Priority Access is a special service that can be accessed during flight ticket booking or by updating your reserved Allegiant Air ticket. It may cost you around 4 USD to 12 USD. Once you add “Priority Access Allegiant” to your flight booking, you may have the opportunity to be the first to board the plane. Simply put, with the Allegiant Priority Access service, you can board the plane before normal boarding begins.

Allegiant Air Priority Access

If you still have any questions related to Allegiant Airline’s Priority Access service. Then, you should dial the Allegiant customer service number at +1 702-505-8888 or +1-888-370-4802, navigate through the IVR process, and talk to a live agent for quick resolution.

What are the Advantages of getting Allegiant priority access?

Along with getting priority boarding and quick security check-in, Allegiant Air priority access brings you some other benefits as well. This could be-

  • Travelers can get complete access to lounges facilities, accessible workspace, etc.
  • Expedited check-in
  • Immediate access to security screening by navigation through an exclusive access lane at the airport.
  • Priority boarding.
  • Pre-flight snacks
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Allegiant priority bag check

Who gets the Allegiant Priority Access?

  • Allegiant Priority Access is available to air travelers who hold Allegiant Air’s World Mastercard.
  • If you don’t have an Allegiant World Mastercard, you can purchase the Priority Access card by navigating through the manage booking section of the official website of Allegiant Air. After getting an Allegiant Airlines priority access card, you can board the plane during the priority boarding announcement.

Allegiant Air Benefits for Veterans/U.S. Military:

  • U.S. military personnel are eligible for Allegiant Priority Access at no extra cost.
  • This benefit is extended to members of the U.S. active-duty military, retired military veterans, military reserve, members of the National Guard, and their dependents to enhance their travel experience.

How do I get an Allegiant Priority Access card?

After knowing about “What does priority access mean on Allegiant,” I am sure the next question that is running through your mind is- “How to get the Allegiant Airlines priority access benefits?” If I am right, then you should read the steps and methods mentioned below-

During online booking or when speaking to an Allegiant representative via the Allegiant phone number +1 702-505-8888 or +1-888-370-4802, simply inquire about priority boarding Allegiant options.

Here’s how you can avail Allegiant Priority Access-


To avail of Allegiant Airlines priority access by navigating through the official website, navigate through the steps below-

  • First of all, open your preferred web browser and head to the Allegiant Air official website.
  • Once the homepage is fully loaded or opened up, log in to your Allegiant Account so that you can access your bookings conveniently.
  • After successful login, go to the “Allegiant Manage Bookings” page.
  • Click on the trip for which you would like to add Allegiant priority access service.
  • Now, you can see several options on your browser screen, such as adding a seat or a bag or upgrading to priority access Allegiant.

Calling Allegiant Customer Service:

The Allegiant phone number is the best mode for accessing Allegiant Priority services. Whether you have questions about the Priority Access program, such as what priority means on boarding passes, or need assistance with your booking, dialing the Allegiant phone number connects you directly to the Airline’s customer service.

  • First, dial Allegiant Customer Care number +1 702-505-8888 or +1-888-370-4802, accessible across the United States.
  • Listen to the IVR menu and choose your preferred language.
  • Next, press “2” for an existing flight booking with Allegiant Air.
  • Select an option to speak to a live Allegiant representative.
  • Once you interact with someone at Allegiant customer service, explain your intention to upgrade to priority access Allegiant.
  • Follow the further assistance, and at last, pay the Allegiant Priority Access fee, which may cost you around $4 to $12.

Approach an Agent at the Airport Counter:

If you are near around or at the airport, then you can approach a live customer service representative at the Allegiant help desk.

  • First, head to the Allegiant Airlines ticket booking or help desk counter.
  • Wait for your turn in the queue.
  • Approach the customer service desk representative.
  • Discuss your subject and provide your flight booking details to the agent so that he can proceed conveniently.
  • Lastly, pay the Allegiant Airlines priority access fee to complete the entire process.

Do Veterans get free Allegiant priority access?

As per the Allegiant Air Military or Allegiant Honors program, members of the U.S. military community can receive Allegiant military priority check-in with a priority boarding option at no additional cost. The military personnel can enjoy the perks of Allegiant Priority Access as a token of appreciation for their dedicated service. These members could be U.S. active-duty military, retired military veterans, members of the National Guard, and tier dependents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How can I contact Allegiant customer service?

Ans: To reach Allegiant customer service, dial the Allegiant phone numbers +1 702-505-8888 or +1-888-370-4802 provided on their official website. The representatives are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week to assist you.

Q2: Can I add Priority Access after booking my flight?

Ans: Yes, by navigating through the “Allegiant Manage Booking” interface or dialing their dedicated customer service number at +1 702-505-8888 or +1-888-370-4802, you can add Priority Access even after booking.

Q3: Is Allegiant priority access worth it?

Ans: Yes, it’s totally worth it! With priority access to Allegiant or receiving priority in the Allegiant boarding process. You can avoid standing in long queues at check-in and get several more advantages.

Q4: Is there a fee to get the Allegiant Air priority access card?

Ans: Yes, by paying an additional $4 to $12 fee, you can get the Priority Access Allegiant Card and enjoy expedited check-in and security screening, priority boarding, full access to lounge facilities, accessible workspace, access to pre-flight, and many more.

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